Using paint to transform your bathroom or indeed any room in your house, is one of the easiest and more economical options available to you. You do not need to be an expert in DIY to paint your bathroom but there are some pieces of advice here to follow that will ensure things will go more smoothly for you. There is more to think about than just your choice of color; the size of room, current decor and the kind of atmosphere you want to create are important too. With a little thought and planning and a small budget you can create a bathroom that is perfect for you to retreat to at the end of a long day, or to rejuvenate you first thing in the morning.

Things To Consider When Choosing Bathroom Paint Colors

modern-bathroom-paint Bathroom paint for a modern bathroom theme

How big is your bathroom?

Size is important because your choice of color and shade can make the room feel smaller or larger so if you have a small bathroom the last thing you want to do is make that feel even smaller with your paint choice. For the most part choosing darker shades or bright hues will make a room feel smaller and lighter shades make it feel more spacious. So if you have a small bathroom choose a color and a shade like taupe, cream, white even, and these will open up the room more. If you have a large bathroom you can consider dark or bright colors without worrying about creating a cramped and enclosed atmosphere.

If you have a small bathroom, read this guide on how to design so that it gives the illusion that it’s a bigger bathroom than it actually is:

bathroom-color Big bathroom has better paint color options

Understanding color palette

Some colors are considered warm colors and some are cool colors. By understanding the color palette and which is which you can get the right feel for a bathroom. You can go for warm or cool colors, but try to avoid mixing them together. Cool colors also make small rooms feel larger, examples include watery blue, periwinkle or bone white. Warm colors are great if you put on your make-up in the bathroom as they enhance your skin tone. Whereas cool colors make a room more spacious, warm colors make it feel cozier. Examples of warm colors would be cream, peach or butter yellow. If you have a small bathroom but want a warm palette of colors remember the light shade rule.

perfect-color-mix Pick the right color palette

What atmosphere do you want to create?

Colors and shades affect the mood of the room so have an impact on you and your guests when they enter and leave. Bright vivid colors like reds, blues, greens and yellows give a room a lot of energy. Softer shades have the opposite effect and are more calming and relaxing like soft yellow, light blue, light tan or sage green.

bathroom-paint-idea Bathroom paint idea – Our favorite

More pointers

If the bathroom you are painting is part of a bedroom suite try to have a design theme that fits, compliments or extends from one room to the other. This could be achieved by using similar colors or shades or tones. Take into consideration your bathroom furniture, do you want to compliment the furnishings or contrast against them?

green-white-paint Green and white mix


White is clearly the safest color as anything goes with it and it will open up the room but if you want to stamp your personality on the room you may need to be bolder. A sophisticated and modern bathroom may use navy blue, black or white, a more casual modern look may use mint green or forest greens, or light tan. Something more conventional would be creamy taupe walls and white ceilings.

A great alternative to white is Ivory. It is less work to keep clean, other colors and fixtures will work beautifully with it without clashing. You can hang up artwork or pictures against it even. It creates a soothing atmosphere but its lighter shade is also good for creating a feeling of openness.

warm-natural-color Warm natural colors

A lot of people choose a shade of blue for the bathroom because of the obvious links to water. It can be soothing and refreshing. Darker shades of blue would work in large bathrooms or a soft pastel shade of blue with white trimming for a smaller or mid sized bathroom would give a sea side feeling of summer days at the beach. Turquoises are popular, and sea greens that make the room feel fresh.

A color not always first on people’s minds is grey, but it is a great option for a more urban styled bathroom. A light shade will make the room feel open and elegant and white trim, furniture and accessories will keep it light.