Top Baby Girl Room Ideas

If you are expecting a baby and you know it is a baby girl there are now a few things you can take care of ready for her arrival. One of them is to consider her room, what colors you want to go with and maybe what baby girl room theme you want to go for. There are lots of options nowadays on the kind of look you want go for. But before you start picking up knickknacks and furniture it is a good idea to have your theme settled on so you know where everything fits.

Also keep in mind that you can develop the room over time, not everything has to be set or perfect by the time she arrives. Have a basic room ready and then you can consider where special gifts are going to go, you might want to display things like her first hand print or lock of hair, or create a photo board that you can update as she grows.

To get more ideas you can look online for images, visit stores to look at how they have set up display nurseries, and look at magazines. Keep in mind as she grows her own tastes and personality is going to develop. How soon are you willing to redo if she wants something different? Do you want to opt for items and furniture that can be converted so that they transition into being good for a toddler? Also make sure it is something you are comfortable with. You will be spending time in there with her, changing and feeding her. Think about your own needs too.

Ten top baby girl room ideas covered here are,

  1. Princess theme
  2. Hello Kitty theme
  3. Animal theme
  4. Enchanted Forest theme
  5. Pink theme
  6. Winnie the Pooh theme
  7. Alice in Wonderland theme
  8. Dr.Seuss theme
  9. Beach theme
  10. Nature/flower theme

Princess Theme

Princess Theme

A very popular theme for baby girls and young girls is the princess theme. If you want one that will last as they grow this is certainly a good and very popular option. This means that there are plenty of ideas and items out there so it is not a hard theme to create. Disney of course have a collection of strong princesses from their movies and you could opt to use this in the room, but if you want to avoid Disney you can still create a room that is fit for a princess.

The color does not have to be pink. Other pastel or light colors for the walls would also be quite suitable. Pair it with coordinated bedding, either solid colored or white and then think about adding some lacy effects, billowy curtains, pillows and maybe a spot of glitter here and there. As she grows out of her crib you could consider getting her a toddler princess bed or give her a bed with a canopy. Have her name on the wall in crowns or tiaras. If Disney is allowed there is a huge selection of items you could add, decals for the walls, bedding with Disney princesses on it, light shades and such.

Hello Kitty Theme

Hello Kitty

Another hugely popular baby girl room theme is Hello Kitty. This is another pink theme for the most part though since a lot of the Hello Kitty decorations you can find are pink it is a good idea to do something different with the walls. Cream could be a good option with a Hello Kitty border around he middle or a pink border. You can then add in a lamp, bedding, clock and other items that are themed to go into the room. If you want items that are more muted than the mass market options look in places like Etsy where creative sellers can listen to what you need and create something specific to your needs. Have a Hello Kitty image on the end of her white crib, a soft toy Hello Kitty for her to cuddle with and look to places like eBay to find items to display.

Animal Theme

Animal bedroom theme

An animal theme is less pink for a start! It is a more gender-neutral theme for a baby girls room which is what some people prefer rather than going with stereotyped themes that tell boys not to like pink and girls not to like blue! The great thing about the animal theme is you can take that where you want. It might mean you take one animal that you love and have that as the theme. Butterflies, cats, dogs, birds the options are quite open. Or you could opt for general animals and create a kind of menagerie in the room for your little girl to explore.

Wall color could be inspired by the animal you have chosen or you could opt for a pale green, the idea of nature and then create images with decals or a mural in the wall of the animals you have selected. There are a large number of animal decorations and bedding and such which means your imagination is the limit. A great thing about this baby girl theme too is if it is a menagerie affect you are going for things can be mixed and matched. Bedding with one creature and pillows with another. Birds in flight for her mobile and ladybugs on her curtains.

Enchanted Forest Theme

Enchanted Forest

This theme is something that can be done in a simple manner using decals and accessories or if you have some artistic skills could be quite a project. Wall color should either be blue over which around the room you will create a forest effect with trees growing up into the sky, or you can choose soft greens, or even go with a three color wall, top blue sky, middle light green and a lower dark green. Keeping in mind this is an enchanted forest baby girl room theme you can add some fairies hiding behind things, some flashes of color or sparkle to suggest magic.

Pink Theme

Perhaps more of a color than a theme but so popular it has to be included in our top ten baby girl room ideas. You could just go crazy with pink and put it everywhere but since this is also somewhere you need to be happy to spend time you could also go for something that is less likely to hurt your eyes! A common and modern approach to pink today is to combine with grey, black or brown. You can opt for softer or lighter pink tones rather than the bubblegum loud pink so that the nursery remains a place your little one can fall asleep in.

Something like grey, cream or brown walls with accents of pink is very effective. If you want pink on the walls have it is bordering or have striped walls pink and your choice. Add in some colorful bedding, pink curtains, cushions, lamp or light shades. Some white lacy additions help keep it soft. Add in her name in pink to hang on the wall, some pink or white photo frames and some pink soft toys too and perhaps tie some pink bows to things.

Winnie the Pooh Theme

Winnie the Pooh bedroom theme

Winnie the Pooh as been around for many years and is another great baby girl nursery theme that is more gender neutral. You can draw your inspiration from the lovely illustrations in the stories, make sure you have all the stuffed toys and some books on the shelf to read to her. In terms of wall color something neutral would work best, beige, white or cream. You could have a border of Winnie the Pooh running through the middle of the room and you could find decals or paint on the characters yourself. Add in themed crib sets and bedding, some honey pots for holding things, a bee hive light shade, and other themed decorative items on some white shelving.

Alice in Wonderland Theme

Alice in Wonderland

Still using classic children’s literature as inspiration for a theme how about Alice in Wonderland. Sky blue walls for her eyes and dress with white accents is one option. Or you could opt for Cheshire cat colors or red and white for the cards. You could paint a Cheshire smile on an invisible cat on the wall, have her name on playing cards arranged on the wall, have a fun collection of mad hats! Your curtains and bedding will be either themed if you can find it or be accents of color in the room. You could also have some fun with eat me, drink me part of the story.

Dr.Seuss Theme

Dr. Seuss Baby Room

Another classic is to take inspiration from Dr.Seuss. The most commonly used theme is Cat in the Hat but there are plenty of other options if you have your own favorite. Having literature and language introduced early on is great for your child’s development. Have some favorite quotes written on the wall. Take your color theme from the illustrations, bolder walls with softer accents or go the other way and choose softer walls but add decals, characters and bold colors with the bedding, accessories and furnishings.

Beach theme

Beach Theme

What is more calming than sitting on the beach listening and watching the waves of the ocean roll in and out? A beach theme is a great baby girl room idea because you can really make it as busy or as calm as you want, and you can also add your own holiday mementos from the past and from future family vacations. Light blue top part of the walls, darker blue for the middle and then sandy yellow for the bottom if you really want the beach look. You could use textured paint for the sand so it has the sandy feel. Then add in some splashes of white for the foam on the sea in your accents. Shells collected can go on display, holiday pictures can be framed in shell frames. Beach ball backings for her name on the wall. Sea creature stuffed toys, themed bedding and a lighthouse lamp could all be finishing touches.

Nature/floral Nursery Theme

Nature nursery theme

A natural or floral girls room theme is also a lovely idea and again can be as calm or as bright as you want it to be. Wall color is something that could be anything to your taste really. Greens and then add flower decals or a mural. Or you could do soft yellow walls and add some butterflies and ladybugs and greenery. There are lots of wall stickers with a natural and floral theme you can find and if you want some homemade or personalized items remember to look online in places like Etsy. Stencils are a great way to make the walls special if you are not a natural artist! Add some flowered curtains, bedding, perhaps in the borders too on the walls.