Kitchen décor or design considers kitchen curtains as a fundamental or highly important component. There are numerous gorgeous kitchen curtain ideas that will go with any kitchen theme. These ideas are abound, but you have to consider the type of kitchen window that you have as well as the type of kitchen itself.

Curtain Ideas for the Kitchen

The kitchen is definitely the most visited place in your home. You will certainly agree with this fact especially if you are a housewife or a plain homeowner.

kitchen curtain 28 Kitchen curtain

Making their kitchens look perfect for their family members is what many homeowners attempt or try their very best to do. To ensure that their kitchens look their best always, they make use of the best window treatments and décor available.

Curtains are the most important décor in the kitchen. They can create a specific theme and mood for this part of the house. The overall appearance of this area can vary depending on the kind of curtains you put up. The look can range from cozy and warm to elegant and spacious.


It is advisable to select stylish but easy to clean curtains. You would also want your curtains to match with the other design elements in your kitchen.

The kind of kitchen that you have will dictate the curtain ideas that you will eventually select.

1. Modern Kitchen

Contemporary or modern curtains go well with modern kitchens. These are made from sheer fabrics and are therefore lightweight. Because of these characteristics, sunlight is permitted through them. Since the fabrics are sheer, visibility is likewise better.

However, if you are a private person and prefer less visibility and more privacy, then opt for a thicker material for your curtains.

Modern Kitchen Curtain

Red curtains are more fitting for a modern home, although this bold and brilliant color may be thought of by some as the perfect color for a rustic country home theme. Adding red drapes to a kitchen that has the now popular stainless steel appliances and dark-colored counter tops is the perfect way to bring in color without the danger of being overbearing. There are many colors, patterns, and stripes besides gingham from which you can choose and which will surely bring to life your curtain ideas.

2. Country Kitchen

There are many styles of curtains you can choose from if you have a country kitchen. These may be made from plain shades, but they are brightly colored. You have the option to use either full-length or half-length curtains.

Country Kitchen Curtain

Linen or cotton fabrics are the best ones to use, while cornices and valances can be added or installed at the top portion of your kitchen window.

3. Roman Blinds

Although expensive, roman blinds are durable and easy to maintain. In spite of this, few homeowners go for it.

Kitchen Roman Blind Kitchen Roman Blind

However, elegance is added to your kitchen with the use of Roman blinds. They have been existing for thousands of years, but every year that comes shows improvements and innovations on colors and designs. They are the best option if you can afford it.

Sewing curtains for your windows is a good decision to make. Doing this will showcase your individualism, and your creativity and ideas can be incorporated into making the curtains.

Silk or drapery fabrics are easier to sew; hence you may want to make use of these materials when making your curtains. Choose a thicker fabric if you want to ensure complete privacy for you and your family.

Many designs and patterns are available online, and these will provide you with a vast knowledge about the ideas, trends, designs and updates being used in kitchens today. All of these will greatly help you in decision-making.

Take your time and be wise in choosing, for the kitchen curtain designs that you eventually implement can make or break your kitchen interiors.