It becomes an especially difficult task to choose paint colors if your don’t really know how to do it.  There is a different impression and pattern that accompanies every color.

In choosing what to wear, we normally associate the color we pick with the mood that we are in, as well as the personality that we have.   Hence, each color represents a state of mind, a feeling, or a sensation.

Home decorating is not different when it comes to colors.  Depending on the colors in your home, feelings can be induced.  Your home can feel inviting, friendly, snobbish or cold.  Although textures and patterns contribute to the overall look and feel of a room, colors remain to be the primary mover that can give added meaning and life to these.

Top 4 Living Room Color Schemes

Some color schemes that can be used for your living room are as follows:

1. Red and Yellow Combination

This color scheme may be considered by most people as too bright or glaring for their living room.  This is nothing but a common fallacy though.  The opposite of how they see it is actually the truth.  A Southern France landscape or design imbibes the soft hues of yellow and combines it with the warmth of red.  Sunflowers with green moss placed in ceramic pots that are colored mustard yellow will add life and make this European theme more realistic.

red & yellow living room Red & yellow color scheme

2. Butter Yellow and White Combination

This is another color combination that has a French influence.  White can be the color of your furnishings against a backdrop of butter yellow on your walls.  A romantic and warm ambience is achieved with old pastels and white upholstery in your furniture.  Slight red outlines on your throw pillows plus draperies and rugs with tiny dashes of pale blue and green will compliment the French look.

yellow & white color scheme Yellow & white color scheme

3. Bottle Green and Sandy Chocolate Combination

Using a subdued shade of chocolate brown for your living room can create a modern and sophisticated look.  An atmosphere of kindness is brought to the room together with a luxurious appeal.  To spice up the ambience further and to add vibrancy to the room, you can have dashes of bottle green.  This can be incorporated in ottomans and paintings to have a livelier and more pleasant charm.  Meanwhile beige can be the color for your throw pillows, walls, and other room decorations.

Green and Sandy Chocolate Combination Living room with green & chocolate color combination

4. Tan, White, and Blue Combination

The coolness of the ocean is suggested by the color blue, hence your room with this color will have an inviting feel.  A resort-like charm can be achieved by having rattan furniture while rugs can be in pale blue.  White accents can be added on coffee tables with curtains being in plain white.  For a more thrilling feel, your throw pillows as well as other decorations may have a combination of all the three (3) colors namely tan, white, and blue.

Tan, White & Blue Color Scheme Tan, white & blue color scheme

Your living room can have other color options besides the three (3) mentioned above.  You can use other colors to enhance whatever theme you have chosen but make sure that it blends well with your choice of furniture.

Consider These Tips In Creating Color Schemes for Your Living Room

You have to make things pop by choosing one (1) accent color.  If you are using neutral colors such as browns, peaches, and taupes, this becomes significantly important.  The room will definitely acquire personality and fun.  A room of neutral colors can be easily brought alive by almost any accent color.  If you and your spouse cannot agree simply because he or she loves the color beige, then this solution may be perfect for your predicament.  But if your decorating style is hungry for something new, don’t despair because you can still make a personal statement in your space by adding accessories and using turquoises as an added element.

tropical living room design Earth tone colored living room design

Your color scheme can also include a wood tone.  Your wood floors or an antique fireplace mantle may already comprise your wood tone, but you can still experiment by mixing and matching various wood tones.  Or you can settle with the existing wood tones in your current architecture, then to maintain a cohesive look simply expand them onto the furniture.  You would want to match your furniture and paint colors with your wood tones.  To achieve this objective, your starting point for the remainder of your design can be the natural and beautiful ones in your living room.

wood color living room Wood tone

Beginners find decorating easiest with the use of color palettes that are monochromatic.  This presents no problem in matching different colors as only various shades of one color is used.  The room will look boring and elicit a claustrophobic atmosphere if only one shade of one color is used.  Use different shades of one color instead to give your living room a lot of life and personality.  You can create a monochromatic space by combining chocolate browns with walls painted with tan, and incorporate natural wood elements.  Being able to bring into the room large quantities of your favorite color is the aim of this style.  Take care though in making your living room an overwhelming sight by balancing the monochromatic hues with neutral colors.

Some Things to Consider in Choosing Paint Colors for Your Living Room

The Size of Your Living Room

Knowing the size of your living room is one of the first things you should consider when selecting your living room’s paint colors.

small living room Small living room

Measurements don’t necessarily have to be undertaken.  However, you need to have an approximation of the size as well as the shape of this room.

Your living room will be enormously affected by the choice of color that you eventually decide on.  The main reason being that it affects the size of the room.

There is a tendency for it to appear smaller if dark colors are used.  In contrast, using light colors can make it appear bigger than it actually is.

huge living room Huge living room

Therefore, if your living room is large then your objective may be to make it appear more connected, small, and cozy.  Do this by using dark colors.

Similarly, you would want to use light colors if you have a small one to create an illusion of a larger space.


The living room interiors should match with the paint colors of your choice.  This is the second most important thing you should consider in deciding on which is the best option.

modern theme living room Modern theme living room

Oftentimes, furniture and other products for the living room are purchased by homeowners without any regard for paint colors to match them.  They arrange and install the said furniture and other fixtures for the living room, then go on to paint the walls with a color without so much as a thought if everything will come together in the end.

The entire project is wasted if the colors don’t happen to match or blend.  You would want this undertaking to be successful thereby making certain that the opposite will not be the case with your living room.

living room sea view Living room with sea view

Needless to say, it is best for your living room interiors to go perfectly with its paint colors.  Provided they are the right colors, light and dark hue combinations are acceptable.

Light Sources

The third most important thing that should be given attention is the light source in your living room. The source of lights in your home which could either be natural or artificial must blend with the paint colors in your living room.

natural light in living room Natural light in living room

The reason for ensuring that the colors used in your living room suit or complement the lighting in it is because there are times when artificial lighting is not enough and natural lighting needs to be used. Unwelcome distractions and glares may result if this angle is not examined.

Use your imagination as a motivational factor in pursuing this design project. Your guests will be impressed by the desired color combination you have achieved together with the appropriate furniture you have chosen, for which you will fell fulfillment.