The living room is one of the most important rooms in our house. It can be considered the centre of the room where most gathering happens, whether it is friends and relatives or just the family to enjoy a good evening on a movie or an interesting game of football. Therefore it is a good choice to make this room presentable and of course a cozy one with a homely feels. It should be great to look at and still give you the comfort of home. Here are some great suggestions that you can use to decorate your room.

To start with, let us consider a theme for the living room because having a theme makes it easier for us to focus on what actually the room should look like. You can go ahead and choose any type of theme based on your choice, whether it is modern or rustic it does not matter. Another thing to be noted is that a place where one first set their eye upon in the room needs to be found. It can be an accessory like a Feng Shui object, or a fancy table lamp or an antique piece to show, just make sure it is well illuminated and properly seen, this is called the focal point.  Make sure the furniture that you have in your room does not overwhelm the elegance and beauty of the focal point.

Arrange the room in such a manner that it does not look congested or unorganized, look for an arrangement that emanates harmony in the room. Keep ample space in between furniture so that your family members or guests are free to move around in the room. The best way is to buy furniture after deciding the size of the room, as large furniture will look awkward I a tiny room and very little and inconspicuous one will not be a fitting arrangement in a large room.

The concept of furniture applies to lighting too. For example a small room will not take a chandelier well. The rule is that there should be a right sized illumination with respect to the room.

The living room should be a lavishly decorated room because this room can be considered the heart of a home. Wall décor should be well planned and done to reflect a sense of completeness. The living room is where you receive guests and have family gatherings therefore the room should be decorated well. Choose a wall color and décor that will match the theme and other accessories that will be installed in the room.

Top 5 Living Room Design Ideas

1. The Asian Theme

The functionality and simplicity of Asia are a common concern when designing a living room. The style represents a clean surrounding, sharpness and is unique which fits well for apartments or small homes. If you are new to the Asian idea in a living room and afraid to try one, you need not consult an interior designer and spend that extra budget. Just dive in and be in tune with the theme, you will have a great outcome. Focus on things that you buy, it should reflect Asian ambience and style and once you are done you will feel like you are in Tokyo sitting in your living room.

asian themed living room Asian-themed living room

1. Adding shapes: The uniqueness of the Asian style lies in the fact that they use a lot of geometrical shapes like squares, spheres, circles etc. in their décor and furniture. Displaying geometrical shapes like squares, circles and spirals around your living room will bring in the theme of the Asian living room. Some other settings may include adding an entertainment center with prominent geometrical design furniture. You can try adding a round lighting system to further augment the feel of the theme. A low set table is another feature unique to Asian living rooms. Furniture like sofas and chairs should be humble and painted with solid color. You can add a rug which adds to the likes of geometrical shapes.

Asian statue Asian statue for the living room

2. The Asian colors: Asian decors are usually made of one solid color, usually deep red, pink or deep green and combined with whites and shades of grey. To make the Asian theme livelier, match the color of the wall and the furniture. For example, choose a red sofa against a red painted wall.

modern contemporary asian theme Modern contemporary Asian-themed design

3. The Accessories: Imagine Asia and you see those gong and peculiar Asian art and craft pieces. You can add these accessories to further augment the look. A beautiful breathtaking Asian countryside painted on a big canvas will certainly add to the feature of the room. By building an Asian oasis right in your living room you ensure that you will be showered with compliments for years to come.

2. The Island Living Room

There might be many ways to charge up a room with decors and new looks, and if you want a fresh relaxed and natural feel try the island themed living room. It will bring out a considerable change that will bring in the relaxing feel of being on an island surrounded by nature. You can bring in the island as if you were on a vacation right into your room.

island living room Island-themed living room

Flooring for the Island Themed Room

The floor is the most important part of a living room where you want to design according to an island theme. Planning and executing the right floor décor will add a lot into the ambience. Keep an organic and natural feel of the floor by bringing in wood tones for the floor. You can try jute floor and even bamboos which works very well. To transform your living room right into an island you can introduce a straw or rug covering which has prints of leaves. For a classical island look of your room you can add in rich tones.

spacious island living room Spacious island living room design

Add Life to Your Wall

Even though a room may be well decorated and all necessary decors in place it can never be complete with the walls left unfinished. If countryside feel of an island is what you desire you can try a stucco finish. And if you desire a bright sunny vacation type beach in your island theme living room you can paint it with colors like sea blue, sun yellow or sandy tones. Don’t forget the focal point that will be the main attraction. For this theme a beautiful fish painting or a wave on an ocean on large part of your wall is the best to attract lots of attention.

Adding in the Furniture

Adding furniture that will match the theme is not a difficult task and you need not really scratch your forehead for this. Look for furniture that has carvings of small island or tropical items which has a “worn-in” look. Furniture of wicker types suits best for this, as they bring in the feel of a relaxed, breezy atmosphere. And to augment the look adds in an old steamer trunk for a coffee table. Your guests can hang their coats and hats on a driftwood hanging rack. A beach on an island is bathed in sunlight, so don’t forget to have your windows opened to let in the bright sunlight and breeze. Use sheer curtains or bamboo shades for the windows instead of heavy draperies to keep some shade when it is too bright a sun to handle.

Tropical island living room Tropical island style

For lighting your room chooses lamps that are made of natural materials and decorated with stones and pebbles. This type of décor is ideal for the island look. Lamps will create a warm, cozy feel and an environment where you would like to spend on a romantic evening.

relaxed island theme living room Relaxed island theme living room

Adding leaves as design are also another option that you can experiment upon, and believe it works well most of the time. Fabrics for your pillows and cushions can have this print with energetic color themes. Overall the prints should look tropical and beach like. Bring in your creative best to further add to the ambience, you will love doing it and create a living room that is inviting, relaxing and cozy from where you would like to be drifted away to an island.

3. The Mexican Living Room

People change over time and now the lifestyle is turning towards a more casual one. Interior designers and decorators have harnessed this change to drive in the casual and relaxed feel in our homes. Most importantly the Mexican decors are a preferred choice. Decorators have found out that the relaxing environment of the Mexican theme room is not always a boring one. Mexican theme living room reflects a work of art.

mexican living room Mexican style living room

If it is Mexican it is the earth tone that goes well with the theme. Earth represents simplicity and an ambience that is relaxing and welcoming. The theme has been derived from a mixture of Indigenous Native Americans and Spanish cultures. Hence it has emerged to be a lively and complex hybrid culture. Both the culture incorporates use of wooden furniture with lots of carvings. Textiles and fabrics which are made of wool which are handmade truly reflect the art of nature. Whether it is Native American or Spanish culture the light fixtures are molded from decorative tin or unpurified wrought iron.

Do note that as the cultures are continents apart there will be always some significant difference between the two. The Southwestern type is more related to a natural tone of earth while the Mexican style is flooded with tones of its vibrant culture. Both cultures have its own regions and fans, since many inhabitants of Mexico have now immigrated to other parts of the world.

mexican theme color Mexican-themed living room color

Like every other themed living room, designing a Mexican style living room starts with the floor. Traditional flooring materials of natural origin like tiles, stone or wood will play the best part in this type of theme. Rugs can be used to cover the floor and give it a more rustic look. Rugs made of wool with Mexican feel and decors will suit well. Red, yellow, orange or blue colored rugs are the colors that add a vibrant feel of the room. These colors will be a base that will allow the merging of other furniture seamlessly into the design.

After the floors are done according to the way you desired it is time for the walls to be painted. Mexicans usually have plastered walls with tremendous textures on it. To be more close to a real Mexican wall give a faded look by painting with washed out tone of paints, this will look like as if the sunlight have bleached your walls. For a more intricate design try adding stenciled geometric designs at the borders and edges. Mexican arts and deserts scenes can be introduced. While adding decorative accessories make sure the wall is given breathing space and is not over crowded. Mexican themed living rooms should have a relaxing and open feel.

mexican living room design Mexican living room design

While selecting furniture you may want to look for a sturdy one with rough finishing. For the cushions that is associated with the furniture use woven clothes or leather and throw in lots of pillows with printed patterns and bright earth tones.

luxury mexican design Luxury Mexican decor

Terracotta pots are yet another décor that is indispensable with the Mexican themed living room. You can plant some decorative greens in such pots for a nice display. Magazine stands or holders made of wood and candle stands which are wood crafted can be introduced. Items fabricated of wrought iron are an accessory that Mexican theme demands. Accessories made of wrought iron, like chandeliers, table bases etc. are some options that you might want to look into. Installing a small water fountain no matter how small can add to the aura of the theme.

4. The Serene Rustic Theme

To create a living room that reflects a rustic and inexpensive look you may read through this article to get some idea. Keep in mind always that being rustic means making things simple yet comfortable.

rustic living room design Rustic living room design

If there are lots of options that are confusing you from choosing the type of rustic look then go with your heart and choose what is right for you. Because choosing what you like will eventually transform your room into a successful rustic themed one. Antique stuffs are indispensable to give the old look. There are things that families inherited from generations which you keep thinking how to dispose off, well now you will find a use of it. You can introduce those items which you think old and antique into the living room. The rustic look does not have a hard and fast rule of what to paint and what not to put, the simple rule is things that are accommodated should blend in properly.

As for the flooring, consider a floor fabricated with hardwood. If you don’t have one already then it is time you consider putting it in the living room. Hardwood flooring is expensive but it is worth the money. And if you already have one already which is kept covered under the rug then it is high time you pull up the rug and refurbish the beautiful wooden floor that was kept hidden for ages. Use floral rugs for the sofa and chair area. To make the television and bookshelf to be in the limelight use solid color rugs.

modern rustic design Modern rustic decor

For the walls, you can use wallpapers or neatly painted. However, using wallpapers will definitely give a contemporary look to your room as compared to painting. If painting is not ideal then it is best to find the right wallpaper from nearby outlets or look online for one.

Old looking furniture is the ones that a rustic themed room desires. Keep the furniture simple, functional and should match the overall design of the room.

Throw in the accessories that will augment the theme. Accessories for a rustic themed living room can be inexpensive. Keep a blanket close to the sofa so that you can easily reach them. While adding items to the décor always keep it simple and conservative.

rustic theme living room Rustic-themed living room

For the final touch ups, some logs at the fireplace will do the job. You can light those up when guests arrive or whenever you feel cold, with or without guests.

5. Sports Themed Living Room

You love sports? If so, then you can have a sports arena right in your living room. Having a living room based on your favorite sports is a way to show solidarity and spirit. It is a creative idea that will bring in lots of joy and fun to your family and friends. You can decorate a sports themed living room based on your favorite sports or as a general idea of sports. Having done so, you can enjoy your favorite sports in a more fashionable and spirited manner.

sports theme living room Sports-themed living room

Decorating the walls will be your prime objective. Choose a color based on a sport which you love or work out with the color of the team that you are with. If it is your favorite sports that you are thinking of then a bright color would be ideal as a background. You can further decorate with lighter shades or add in wall papers at the periphery.

To further create a sporty look you may add in some accessories like framed pictures or jerseys or posters. These accessories can be related to your loyal steam or your favorite sports. You can even paint the walls with sports venues. Consider installing a shelf to display trophies and cups or sports items like baseball bats, caps or helmets.

hockey style living space Hockey living space decor

For accessorizing your floor, choose a carpet that reflects sports. You can go for a color which is in harmony with your team color or experiment with a bright bold color. A green turf looking carpet on a wooden floor suits this kind of theme well, you may want to try that.

Coming to the essential part of a living room, the furniture, choose those which looks sporty. Add in bean bags, textiles for sofa and cushions can have sports prints. Sports style tables will blend in well. A large flat screen television will be an indispensable object for a sports themed room. Make sure it is affixed on the wall with a clear view from all angles.

vintage sports theme Vintage sports theme

Lighting items, again need to be in tune with the theme of the room. Put in sports themed fans, lamps etc. lamp colors can match your team’s color. This will be functional in two ways, as a lighting source and as a sign of solidarity to your team.

If there is still space or a room that can be spared, a sports bar with sports themed furnishing can be added. A relatively smaller flat screen television can be attached above the bar. After all this design you will definitely have a relaxing room to chill out with friends and family with your favorite sport.