Design options for kitchens literally abound, hence they could be considered limitless. Cabinetry, appliances, counter tops, tiles, fixtures, and hardware are features that are included in design ideas for the kitchen. Each feature in itself has so many design varieties making way for endless possible combinations. Two (2) kitchens that are almost identical save for one (1) feature when completely done can still look very different from one another. The information regarding the incredibly vast array of design options can be difficult to manage when you are looking for ideas for your kitchen design that you are want to implement. For you to effectively form a solid idea of what you are looking for, it is advisable that you be very thorough in your research about the products that are available in the market today.

The cabinetry is usually one of the first things that people take notice of upon entering a kitchen, making it the main feature in any kitchen. Every kitchen has a unique layout of its cabinetry. Determine the types of cabinets that will suit your kitchen as well as the proper location where they should be placed by measuring the size of your kitchen. Floor to ceiling cabinets full of drawers for storage is good for a kitchen that has a wall with no doors, windows, or appliances. Don’t forget to include in these cupboards a broom or cleaning closet. A popular design feature is glass fronts in corner cabinets. There are many varieties of door styles for cabinets. You can choose among flat-paneled, recessed, or raised cabinet doors. Every one of the preceding door styles is available in many design options. After having chosen the specific design for your cabinets, the next thing to do is choose the stain that will best suit your kitchen. Smaller kitchens as a rule are better off having lighter stains to give them the illusion of spaciousness and openness.

top kitchen design Kitchen Cabinetry

small kitchen design Small Kitchen Design

Another important feature in the kitchen is counter tops. Like cabinetry, these too are largely visible. They should be selected based equally on durability and appearance. The most popular choice currently is granite counter tops. Other kinds include ceramic tile, engineered stone, stainless steel, laminates, and wood. Needless to say, your cabinetry, tiles, and backslash should compliment or blend with the material and color of your counter top. Adding an island for additional space is a good idea if you happen to have a large kitchen with a small counter space. This would create more counter space as well as storage space.

black-kitchen-counter-top Black Kitchen Counter Top

Yet another integral feature in the kitchen is the flooring. Wood floors and laminates are becoming more popular, although the staple remains to be ceramic tile flooring. Since tiled backslashes are present in many kitchens, more care has to be taken that the tiles used for them complement the flooring as well. The color and texture of the tile, wood, or laminate has to be decided as well together with the type of flooring of your choice. As a general rule, a slightly darker floor goes best with light-colored cabinetry, and vice-versa. An illusion of depth is achieved by the contrast of the flooring and the cabinetry no matter how small.

kitchen floor design Kitchen Floor Design

Top 8 Kitchen Design Ideas

1. Mediterranean Kitchens

The Mediterranean Kitchen design reflects the lifestyle of the Mediterranean countries. The food preparation involving cooking food in an outdoor barbeque and the eating practice of having meals al fresco are incorporated into this particular kitchen design. The primary concern is ventilation which is an integral factor to having a cool atmosphere. Having efficient refrigeration to ensure the freshness and safety of perishable goods is another one. Kitchen furniture needs to be lightweight to allow for easy mobilization during times when these need to be moved outdoors onto the garden, terrace, patio, or verandah. The recommended kind is either woven cane or pale timber.

mediterranean kitchen design Mediterranean Kitchen Design

If you live in an area where the climate is regularly hot, it is a good idea to have a kitchen that looks visually cooling to your senses. Go for a color scheme that is pale and soothing to the eyes. You may want to opt for flat matt shades of grey and blue to complement walls that are pale painted, and do try to stay away from designs that upset the sense of calm such as complicated patterns. You need to keep in mind however, that bright clear light is also needed by these calming design schemes; otherwise they will have the effect of being cool but unwelcoming and clinical.

mediterranean kitchen candle chandelier Mediterranean Kitchen with Candle Chandelier

The enduring appeal of the white villages found in rural southern Spain, Tuscany, and Provence is partly due to the other colors found from the countryside that surrounds them. The dusky pink tones, natural sandstone, and baked terracotta all make for an attractive backdrop for the white-colored houses and establishments. These colors lend visual warmth during winters which are oftentimes harshly cold. You are free to acquire inspiration or design ideas while spending holidays abroad, but take care to choose carefully the design elements that are suitable for your country as this could turn out to be disastrous. The danger lies in the fact that colors that look very good in sunshine may have the opposite effect during darker parts of the day or during darker seasons, not unless you can reproduce an artificial or natural light to create one similar to sunshine.

beautiful mediterranean kitchen Beautiful Mediterranean Kitchen

To acquire shade during the summer as well as to have protection from freezing winds during the winter, you may want to consider having wooden shutters or canvas canopies on your windows. During summertime, tiled or stone floors feel pleasantly cool while they can also be warmed up during winters by rugs or mats if necessary. You may also want to leave the door from your kitchen to your garden open on a relatively permanent basis during sunny weather for cooling breezes to enter the kitchen. During wintertime though, you will need to weather-proof your kitchen to prevent cool breezes from becoming icy draughts. Installing a heater is a modern convenience that is both reliable and flexible, as well as considered by all to be essential. To augment this, you may opt to add warm and beautiful curtains.

2. Rustic Kitchens

By definition, the rustic design is a combination of both modern kitchen décor and country style. It brings together classic subtlety and modern technology those results in a perfect merger of style. What causes an innovative rustic atmosphere that people feel is the coming together of the rural environment and the latest technology.

rustic_kitchen_design-28 Rustic Kitchen Design


To give your kitchen a rustic style, turn to wood as it is the definitive choice when pursuing a rustic kitchen design. The elements of your kitchen design must have unity as a whole. This means for example, that you need to include vintage kitchen accessories, rustic shade cabinets, open wooden shelves, and a wooden table in your kitchen interiors to create the perfect rustic look. The theme should be austerely rustic, although you can simplify your rustic kitchen design ideas.

rustic kitchen with wooden ceiling Rustic Kitchen with Wooden Ceiling


The color scheme has the ability to either make or break an interior design. Shades of red, orange, and gold comprise the signature color schemes for a rustic kitchen theme. The said comfort maker and appetite stimulant is the color orange. To give the floor a Mediterranean feel, it must look distinguished by having hard wood and metallic copper shades. A rustic design feeling must be illustrated by the wall paintings. For furniture, homeowners have the option to install the darkest shades of Tuscan furniture as well as the colors orange, olive green, red, and shades of gold.

rustic kitchen with modern country element Rustic Kitchen with Modern Country Element

When deploying the rustic design to your kitchen, it is good to be experimental and bold. You can give your kitchen the unique and personal look by using various color schemes such as burnt orange, tomato red, cobalt blue, sunflower yellow, and olive green. In addition, Venetian plasters, stucco walls, and rough-looking walls all of which exude an innovative vintage design, are required to achieve a rustic environment. There are other design schemes that serve as the focal point to every visitor entering the kitchen. These are iron wall grills, iron wall decoration, and iron cabinets.

3. Country Kitchens

How is a country kitchen theme designed?  Colors in the kitchen are one of the most influential factors. It is often recommended that you use those that promote a fresh and clean look as well as a feeling of warmth. Examples of these are earthly colors as well as softer hues or shades of yellow, green, and brown. To augment the effect of colors or help achieve a more country theme, homeowners can add flower and plant details incorporated into the frames, wallpapers, and the real thing in pots and vases.

country-kitchen-design Country Kitchen Design

The objective of country style kitchen designs is to create an earthy environment. As such, materials which can easily be found in nature such as wood are used.  Wood can be used not only for the kitchen furniture, but also for other items. As examples, countertops, cabinets, chairs and tables may be made of wood. If your kitchen is big enough, you can have a small area allotted for lounging of the guests. For this, a small couch can be placed in the kitchen. To blend with the country style theme, it should have flower accents and soft colors on the wood, cover or fabric.

As expected, the kitchen floor of country-themed kitchens should be made of wood as well. The choice only differs in terms of the type of wood you prefer and the type of finish that you want to be applied on it. You have to ensure that it does not look out of place in the room but rather creates a unified look together with the other elements in it.

french country kitchen French Country Kitchen

As already mentioned above, framed pictures or paintings of flowers, plants, or country scenes are other items needed to complete your country-style kitchen. Another element familiar in these type of kitchens is the presence of open fresh air. Lace curtains are often used to let in fresh air, thus maintaining the freshness of the room. The sight of curtains flying above the windows allowing air in and out of the kitchen is enticing enough. You are of course free to add your personal touch by adding other accessories into the room, but whatever else you incorporate into your country kitchen be sure to preserve or maintain the theme.

4. Cottage Kitchens

A colorful and comfortable feel are the characteristics of a cottage-themed kitchen. This is achieved with the help of decorated or painted furniture, weathered surface finishes, baskets, breadboard walls as well as natural fiber rugs, and colors that can be found in a garden.

lovely english cottage kitchen Lovely English Cottage Kitchen

There are many accessories you can use in designing a cottage-inspired kitchen. With this in mind, stay away from the danger this can post – that of going overboard with having too many décor items in the room. Otherwise the clutter it may create will be distracting, as opposed to attracting people. Another common factor in this kitchen type is the bare floors which are just occasionally accessorized with a throw rug.

In visualizing a cottage-style kitchen, images of a room that is both light and airy as it is casual and charming are conjured. The feelings this kitchen type elicit are similar to those brought out by a summer cottage. There is a breezy, uncomplicated sense that promotes relaxation. This kitchen design seeks to evoke the contentment and happiness one should feel while on vacation. It aims to emulate a cabin in the mountains, a countryside spot, or a seaside cottage. Because the mood it intends to create is one that is casual, relaxing, and unassuming, simplicity is the highlight or the most prominent feature of this cottage style kitchen.

vintage cottage kitchen Vintage Cottage Kitchen

These kitchens are usually small, hence they should be able to function with ease as well as be an area for entertainment. A fresh and open floor plan is needed to achieve this.

Accessories like linens, house wares, and furnishings are required to build this kitchen. You can start with having stained as well as butcher-block, white distressed surfaces around your kitchen. An old antique kitchen clock and striped vintage towels and dishcloths are good pieces. Open shelves placed above a window or doorway can hold plates for displaying purposes. Still other suggestions include glazed earthenware and glass jars and stoneware pots. Fresh-cut flowers placed in a pitcher are perfect to ensure the cottage charm.

simple cottage kitchen

Time is actually needed in achieving a genuine cottage-styled kitchen. No one store contains all that you need to decorate your kitchen in country style nor will you be able to put together all that is needed for this project at a single time. The objective is to make your kitchen appear as if it gradually and genuinely acquired the country look over time.

Furniture made of maple or pine is some furnishings that you can opt for to fill this type of kitchen. An important element of this kitchen is the furniture detailing. To give you an idea, they can be lacquered or white-painted, features such as curved legs on the base cabinetry can be included as well as fashioned moldings around the cabinets and tables. A dining area for the family in the form of a large table is also an option. You can have beech spindle style chairs together with a farmhouse style kitchen table.

For the cooking area, a good suggestion would be a kitchen range that is cottage-styled, with a decorative range hood made of wood to go with it. To complete this look would be a large bowl ceramic sink or an apron front farm sink.

small kitchen coffee table Small Kitchen with Coffee Table

The main hardware of choice that figure prominently for cottage-inspired kitchen designs are knobs. Semi-glossy periwinkle blues, whites as well as creams work as well as porcelain and embossed stoneware. Woven designs with the use of bamboo or wire are likewise a good alternative.

cottage design farm sink Kitchen with Farm Sink

In creating a cottage-style kitchen design, paint can be utilized. For example, you can use a bold color to paint the wood flooring. On the other hand, the tones as well as colors of the kitchen cabinets, window treatments, wall tile, and other highlights in the kitchen can be coordinated with the warm yellows or blues that can be used to paint the walls.

5. Modern Kitchens

The layout of the kitchen is the first thing to consider for a modern kitchen design. Modern furniture and appliances that you have in mind need to fit into a spacious environment. If you happen to have only a small kitchen, this becomes an incredibly difficult challenge.

modern kitchen island Modern Kitchen with Island

It is highly recommended that the list of the things that you dream of being included in your kitchen be trimmed down considerably. Consider having only the most necessary things that you cannot do without. Envision a layout as you would like the important fixtures such as the refrigerator, your cooker, or your sink to be arranged in a way that would feel and look modern. Next, determine how much available or open space is still left and then add the other items or provisions one at a time. Some sacrifices are needed should the end result be an overcrowded kitchen.

modern kitchen designed by Aviad Bar-Ness Modern Kitchen Designed by Aviad Bar-Ness

Modern is not synonymous with an empty or sparse, cold design with nothing to show off. That needs to be remembered in creating this type of kitchen design. A modern kitchen is actually easier to design in that you can do nearly anything and still achieve this particular look. Creating a practical and functional light environment to work in is the key to being successful in pursuing this kitchen design. You just need to be guided by a simple benchmark. A cluttered and dark space whose layout or arrangement was not well thought out and where the appliances were left out is most definitely not considered as a modern kitchen.

modern-kitchen-design Modern Kitchen with Interesting Lighting

After having done the layout, it is the materials that need thinking next. If you prefer a minimalist and sleek look, then stainless steel is popular and is a safe choice. If your thing is being bolder and bigger, go for bright gloss color finishes on metallic surfaces. An element of warmth is injected into the kitchen interior without sacrificing the modern tone.

A modern kitchen design considers lighting as an important element. Other clever lighting solutions that will give you a better visual of what you are doing when performing different jobs in the kitchen should be considered, in addition to having the basic overhead light whose purpose is to brighten the whole room.

Oftentimes, people going for the modern kitchen design seem to overlook the kitchen floor in the design process. Just as much as the other design elements, the kitchen floor will have a hand or will dictate the final look of your kitchen depending on the colors, textures, and materials used. Take your time in deciding by giving much thought to what you really want and visualize how it will affect your kitchen as a whole. It would be wise to remember that just because something looks good in a showroom does not mean it will translate exactly to the same results when incorporated in your kitchen or in your home.

huge white kitchen Huge White Kitchen

You may be misinformed by some people or have false information  by thinking that taking a few risks on things you are not quite sure about is the essence of being modern. Do not heed this advice or false notion because there is absolutely no truth to it. The whole project can be spoiled by having a single thing that is out of place in this room. The key is giving yourself enough time to search for solutions for every design problem you may encounter along the way by looking at different things. Having the patience to see this project through will be more than worth it in the end.

6. Old World Kitchens

An old world kitchen design requires a certain look of aging and patina for the kitchen. You have to go back to a time before our era of digital electronics and computers. Creating a lovely old world charm for your kitchen entails going back to a time influenced by European traditions and design sensibilities.

Old World style Kitchen Old World Style Kitchen Design

Visit an antique store or a home décor store to begin thinking along the lines of an old world kitchen design. Items or pieces with a timeworn appeal or a vintage look are the ones that should merit your attention. These can be coordinated with your choice of counter and cabinet surfaces, paint techniques, types of flooring, as well as wallpapers. Keep an eye out for pieces with heirloom charm as these will always go well with an old world kitchen design.

unique old world kitchen Unique Old-World Kitchen

Textiles and colors are vehicles to achieving a European look for your kitchen. The bright colors found in nature in the south of France are incorporated into what is known as French country style, a theme that is still very hot currently. The rich colors so beloved in France can be coordinated among the kitchen curtains, towels, table cloths, lamp covers, napkins, and surfaces that can be painted with the said colors. They are the bright blues, reds, and yellows that work harmoniously together. This European influence is also available in dishes, serving bowls, and other items involved in food preparation such as fiesta ware plates, bowls and cups.

The kitchen is likewise affected by the types of finishes and fabrics you have chosen. A more cozy and comfortable look can be achieved by having vintage furnishings. On the other hand, a prestigious and elegant country style is obtained through more traditional-looking cabinetry finishes and hardware, desks, and tile flooring. Because potages or kitchen gardens were and still are common in Europe, having garden elements can augment an old world design. To illustrate, fruits and vegetables can be used as motifs to decorate the backsplash tiles as well as the fabrics used around the kitchen. Items or pieces can be layered to add fullness to the room, especially if you happen to have or acquire several collections. As an example, an outdoor garden bench may be brought into the seating area of your kitchen for an enhanced look. Or a group of candles can be placed in a bowl ordinarily used in food preparation.

love this old world kitchen Personal Favorite Old World Style Kitchen

You can work with a kitchen or interior decorator to ensure that this investment will be a success with your old world kitchen design preference brought to fruition. In so doing you will steer away from the danger of any crucial areas being overlooked and wasting money along the way.

7. Small Kitchens

As the name suggests, design ideas for small kitchens entails having to balance the act of having everything you will need in a kitchen for it to function properly with saving as much space as possible. As mentioned previously, space can be saved by having a small island for the storage for your pots and pans or utensils. Should this be too expensive for your limited budget, a cheaper mobile butcher block cart is the alternative. It is definitely functional in terms of food preparation or even as a buffet area.

small kitchen design idea Small Kitchen Design

This functional cart can easily be stored by situating it right beside your sink. Having pullout parts such as cutting boards and storage drawers in the form of a small kitchen hutch is a good idea to implement. Fine china and a few plates may also be stored in a small hutch since it has glass doors on the upper portion. In addition to these, you can install a built-in open plate rack or if you prefer one that is placed against the wall.

It is possible for a small kitchen to accommodate a small table. In the first place, space is already being saved if you happen to have an island in your kitchen. But if there is a need to eat meals in the kitchen, then you definitely need space to fill in this requirement. A table can be nestled against the island, as opposed to it being connected to the island. This means that an amount of space will be left in between these two (2) fixtures, and this floor space will allow you to still move around your work area even as the table has been added to your kitchen space. You also have the option to connect your island to the edge of your sink counter space, thereby conforming it into a peninsula.

Aside from having unrestricted or free access to the stove, dishwasher, and sink, this technique will open up the middle of the floor to give your kitchen a more spacious appearance. Another design idea that maximizes available space is having built-in cabinets. Wall cabinets do not really take up or consume any excess space nor do they stand in the way of any kitchen fixture that you need to reach, and their location by the wall within the kitchen makes it easily accessible. You can put small baskets above the cabinets if there is space above them that will allow it. They can serve as containers for loose items that could be lying around your kitchen counter which inconveniently taking up much-needed space.

small lovely kitchen Charming Small Kitchen

How your kitchen space appears can be greatly influenced by lighting, which plays a big role in this regard. Fluorescent lights are not advisable for small kitchens as they can have a depressing effect on a room. Your kitchen will neither appear too bright nor too small by having lighting installed under wall cupboards. Your colors and overall décor must blend well with the lighting for the room to have a good contrast.

small apartment kitchen Small Apartment Kitchen

To maximize your efficiency in the kitchen, the appliances should be located next to each other. In so doing, you will not be burdened with the need to walk across the entire room just to go from one appliance to the next. Another way to save on space is to buy a smaller but deeper refrigerator, provided you do not have a need for a large one. Aside from gathering information on kitchen design ideas from home improvement stores, you can also look into software design tools to assist you in coming up with the best design idea for your small kitchen and appliances.

8. Professional Kitchens

Professional kitchens are commercial kitchens. As workplaces, exacting regulations of commercial hygiene standards must be taken into account. But domestic kitchens should not really differ much from professional ones. The same constraints should still apply whether you are producing food for public consumption or for mere domestic use.

big-professional-kitchen Big Professional Kitchen

Initially, a professional kitchen may appear intimidating if it is not used regularly to cook for a huge number of people, especially since they normally look hard-edged and industrial-looking. But efficient ergonomics when meticulously considered, can achieve a surprising degree of comfort that is enticing. The cook can move around the kitchen with speed provided there is an uninterrupted run of work surfaces to make this possible. Stainless steel is the preferred surface of professional cooks. It is extremely resistant to excessive heat as well as alkaline and acid stains, making it hard-wearing.

A built-in hardwood chopping board may be part of the worktop. Vegetable peelings for example as well as other wastes can be scooped by a pull-out waste-disposal drawer beneath the worktop. A slab of the best surface traditionally for rolling pastry, in this case smooth marble, may likewise be included. And cooking rings and a sink for washing fruit and vegetables to be included in the freestanding central work station with all-round access. To ensure that it will not be unnecessarily tiring for the cooks to prepare and cook food, the height of all the worktops must be meticulously calculated.

professional style kitchen Professional Style Kitchen

Having access to both gas and electricity for cooking is preferred by most professional cooks. Larger trays and baking sheets usually require bigger ovens so to maximize space, grills, griddles, and integrated charcoal barbeques are oftentimes installed on their stovetops. To maintain a pleasant atmosphere, an extractor hood that more than covers the electric or gas rings minimizes steam and heat generated by large-scale cooking.

There are delicate jobs in the kitchen such as filleting and applying icing which need task-specific lighting. Having these ensures that cooks will not be bothered by their own shadows hence increasing efficiency and workmanship. Glare-free illumination for the front of worktops can be easily provided by halogen spots. Good light is likewise incorporated by extractor hoods. Similarly, flexibility and efficiency is made possible by having rows of spots above the counters.

modern-professional-kitchen Modern Professional Kitchen

Hanging above or immediately beneath the stove should be the ideal location of pans and utensils which are used regularly or often. Utensils can also be hung from fitted or freestanding industrial units with adjustable frames and shelves which provide flexible and strong storage space.

Used as dry food cupboards for catering-size jars, cans, and more heavy items are tall and deep shelves located at lower levels, while equipment that may have been chosen for their stackability are located in open shelves above worktops. Wide drawers where all contents are visible from the top view and which can be easily removed and replaced are preferred by many cooks. A knife rack or felt-lined drawer protects every cook’s prized possession or most precious equipment which are quite simply, knives.

Having one (1) or two (2) dishwashers is considered essential rather than luxurious for industrial kitchens. They must be able to accommodate a wide range of items from pots and pans to standard dinner service.