There are several bedroom themes that are a more traditional style that people can choose from. In this article we will look at how to design your bedroom into one of four traditional themes. Sometimes people underestimate how important the decor of your bedroom is to your sense of self. Your bedroom is a place that it is yours, a place you can express yourself however you want as it is not somewhere guests will visit. Often people will re-decorate those more used rooms like the kitchen and living room first, and the bedroom gets left behind. But your bedroom should be a place that when you enter you feel like you again, a place that allows you to relax and re-charge.

The first thing you need to do is choose the style and theme that best reflects you. Then plan how you are going to achieve this in your bedroom. Take this chance to sort through the items in your bedroom and put things away, elsewhere or even in a garage sale. Once the bedroom is done the last thing you want to do is re clutter it. If you are keeping some of the furniture there are still things you can do to it to make it suit your theme. Paint it or change the handles for example. The color scheme, furniture and decorations in the room are keys to creating the right atmosphere. For traditional bedroom themes you want to keep in the back of your mind the idea of something timeless, charming, graceful, functional, and simple.


Elegant traditional bedroom design

4 Designs and Ideas For A Traditional Themed Bedroom

Traditional Bedroom Design

Here are some ideas on how to create a traditional or rustic designed bedroom.

  1. Wall color ideas – Neutral colors like beige or white or cream work in a traditional bedroom. Try to choose warm earthy tones for furnishings and the floor like greens, browns, terracotta for example. You can paint the walls or cover with wallpaper. Use white on trim and moldings.
  2. Window treatments – Use a heavy material on the window curtains like velvet or chenille and hang from a heavy wooden curtain pole style. If you prefer blinds use a natural material like bamboo.
  3. Bed and bedding – The bed should be a heavy piece of furniture, wooden in a simple style not overly carved, or a jet black or grey metal like wrought iron. Keep it classical in design and have a prominent high headboard. Your bedding should pick up the color scheme you created with the walls and consider having rustic materials like flannel, wool or cotton and a quilted bedspread. Floral motifs can be part of a traditional bedroom.
  4. Lighting – Lighting should keep the room feeling warm and soft. This can be achieved with a dimmer switch for the main lighting, and dark lamp shades on the side lighting. Consider having wrought iron fixtures if you have a wrought iron bed to continue the theme.
  5. Furniture – A traditional bedroom has heavy furniture in general, rustic in style made from oak, hickory or pine and simple clean lines.
  6. Floor – The floor should also be hardwood but you can choose a nice plush rug in a suitable color to lay down somewhere. Alternatively if you prefer carpeting a light color will help open the room while softening it.
  7. Decoration – Avoid too much clutter, but traditional themes do allow for some collections. Put up framed artwork of landscape scenes, have a vase, a decorative glass bowl, or other decorative items in pops of color around the room.

Old world design

A traditional bedroom theme with a modern twist

This theme will have some things in common with the traditional theme, but helps you add a modern touch to the room as well which is not always easy to achieve.

  1. Wall color ideas – You can choose paint or wallpaper for the walls but go with warm colors like taupe or beige as they can be both welcoming and elegant.
  2. Window treatments – To bring the traditional you could use the heavy wooden curtain pole here and have satin curtains at full length that can be tied back. Continue with the neutral theme and then use cream or white blinds for a touch of modern.
  3. Bed and bedding – If you prefer a traditional bed chose something wooden. However to bring modern into the room you could go with a metal bed in a white, grey or silver color. Your bedding can be a chance to add some vibrancy to the room using aquamarine, lime or pink for example. Add some extra pillows.
  4. Lighting – A good way to blend the modern in is to use modern lighting fixtures that pick up the color of the bed you chose. Keep the lighting simple not complicated, use simple but modern lamps.
  5. Furniture – Dark wood furniture for the traditional look again. But consider modern options like getting sliding wardrobes to free up some floor space. Inside them you can have shelves, racks and rails so you need less furniture in the room itself. If you can, get one that is made to measure so it suits your room exactly.
  6. Floor – Carpeting should follow the wall colors, beige or a darker brown.
  7. Decoration – Accessories finish a room and are a great way to bring it together, which is useful if you are blending more than one style. Examples to think about include a floral jug with flowers, and then a modern back and white print framed on the wall. Have an abstract sculpture or art work on display but have an antique guilt mirror hanging. Rather than having lots of items in a more traditional display keep it modern and uncluttered.

Traditional meets modern ideas

The Oriental bedroom theme

Traditional bedrooms often dig into the past for inspiration and the Oriental theme combines a sense of history as well as a sense of the exotic. Here are things you can do to create a traditional Oriental themed bedroom.

  1. Wall color ideas – The kind of colors you use in this scheme depends on where in Asia you want to take your inspiration from. Chinese colors would be gold, black and splashes of vibrant red. Japanese would be more neutral and cool. Thailand you might choose earthy tones.
  2. Window treatments – Wherever in the east you are being inspired by choose natural blinds, like bamboo. Silk curtains would be appropriate in the color scheme you have gone with.
  3. Bed and bedding – Your bed could be something like a Fleur metal bed, black metal or dark wooden.  It can be detailed and intricate in design and extravagant in style. Asian styled beds can often come with additional storage too in the base which is always a bonus.
  4. Lighting – Chinese style lanterns, candles and an Asian style shade for the over head lighting would be some of your options.
  5. Furniture – The furniture should be sturdy and functional but with decorative features. You can opt to buy authentic hand crafted nightstands, cabinets, screens and so on to create this bedroom or look in stores for Asian style pieces that will certainly be more affordable. Consider woods like teak or mahogany.
  6. Floor – If you prefer a carpeted bedroom floor there are many Asian style carpets you can buy. If you opt for something with a lot of pattern make sure elsewhere in the room it is more simple. However if the room itself is already simple you can balance that with a patterned carpet. If you have hardwood floors get an Oriental rug to put down.
  7. Decoration – Buddha statue, natural materials, hints of gold in a gold framed mirror, or picture frames, red pillows on the bed, silk prints on the wall.
Oriental bedroom style

Oriental look for the bedroom

Check out African traditional bedroom design here:

A traditional white bedroom

White is often the first choice for paint color on the walls in smaller rooms because it makes the room feel more open and larger. If you want to use white in your bedroom here are some ideas.

  1. Wall color ideas – White of course! You can choose from several types of white though, from something very bright and crisp to something softer like ivory or cream. If you prefer wallpaper get something with a very simple pattern on it, perhaps a pale floral. The idea of this room is to use texture and color elsewhere to offset the whiteness of the walls. Any color can be used against this background, though blue is a traditional choice and looks good.
  2. Window treatments – Blue curtains with a white blind.
  3. Bed and bedding – Have a traditional wooden bed painted white, or white metal frame work. Then on the bedding big hits of color, blue if you have gone with this scheme or whatever color you have chosen.
  4. Lighting – White lamp shades, white metal fixtures, white candles around the room.
  5. Furniture – White furniture around the room but of a traditional country style.
  6. Floor – White carpeting with a bright colored rug or painted white flooring. If you prefer your hardwood floor put down a white thick shaggy rug.
  7. Decoration – Use your decorative items to add hits of color as well as a way to continue the white theme, white picture frames, blue glass bowls, blues and white cushions.

White & serene look

A twist on this theme is to take a traditional style bedroom with its wooden furniture and beige colors walls but then add hits of white. Paint moldings, trim, skirting boards white. White gauzy curtains, and canopy for the bed, and white bedding and cushions.