Considered to be among the elegant and unique styles is the traditional coastal style kitchen design. White is the dominant color used in this style together with colorful accents. A feeling of goodness in your heart is elicited by the color white, which is also considered to be a giver of spirit. Having breakfast amidst a white-colored kitchen, drinking coffee and eating a slice of bread after waking up will give you confidence to face the day. There is a house in South Carolina where there is a beautiful kitchen designed with a coastal style and very fresh-looking. Some historical sources claim that there is a historical value attached to this design. The kitchen space is not too large. To provide comfort for the people who spend time there, a marble top island with elegant seating was installed in the center of this kitchen. For this design, the floors and ceilings can be made of wood. In so doing, it will increase the kitchen’s value. Continue reading below for more details regarding this type of kitchen design.

Designing The Kitchen

traditional coastal style kitchen Traditional coastal style kitchen

Combining a contemporary style with that of a traditional coastal style is seen by some people as impossible. It is hard to imagine two (2) separate things to blend together or co-exist in one design. But this theory was proven wrong by a particular house situated in South Carolina. This house is witness to the fact that both can in fact exist side by side in one kitchen as can be seen by the great mixture of both influences. White is indeed very good in creating a modern atmosphere in a kitchen. Traditional coastal style is evident in the cabinetry as well as the decorations. This is easily evident in every line of the cabinets. To highlight contemporary or modern style, kitchen appliances like a stove, a fridge, and a dishwasher may be added. Stainless steel should be the material of choice in constructing these appliances. This provides a sense of futurism or a futuristic feel. This is why this particular design is also known as a mid-modern kitchen. Let us tackle each element below.

white coastal kitchen Beautiful white kitchen design

Cabinetry is the first feature that will be given attention. Cabinets are also storage areas. Plates, glasses, spoons, forks, trays, and knives are just some of the items that are stored in some cabinets. It is good to have space where they can be neatly stored away while there is no use for them so they will not cause clutter.

Using stainless steel as base is an alternative to wood. To enhance to futuristic appeal fabrics in the kitchen must complement the futuristic element within the traditional coastal design. The doors of the cabinets must have glasses. There is a storage option that does not have doors; you can have this kind of storage space as well. Decorative items can be displayed here which will add beauty to your kitchen.

coastal beach house kitchen Coastal beach house kitchen

The kitchen backsplash is the second feature that needs to be explored, perhaps more than the other elements. The backsplash of a traditional coastal style kitchen is actually fabulous. This is especially noticeable when you are looking up the backsplash and you can get a view presented around the kitchen. A mixture of traditional and contemporary should be present in the tiles. This kitchen is not really large. But because of the use of white color, it can look more spacious than it actually is.

kitchen backsplash Kitchen backsplash

You don’t have to worry that stainless kitchen appliances will not blend well with your kitchen. Their cold and arrogant appearance will not look bad in a traditional coastal style kitchen. This effect is softened by white oven doors as well as range knobs.

coastal style Coastal style

The third and final element is lighting. Pendants which are incredible when applied to lighting are included. They have a magical effect in balancing the other traditional coastal decoration used in the kitchen with the kitchen appliances. Additionally, a mirrored material is used in the construction of pendant shades. This is what brings the sense of futurism to modernity. You can adopt an idea that will combine with this style if you have one.

magnificent coastal style Beautiful coastal style

In beginning your day, this kitchen is definitely a good place to do it. Stools are also present in this design. After waking up, you will feel relaxed and will be able to enjoy a glass of milk or a cup of coffee at the same time reading the newspaper before getting ready for work.