For people who have a couple of kids or more and have space issues to accommodate them, a twin over full bunk bed is a popular choice.

People today are faced with the challenge of investing their earnings on things that are cost efficient. When it is about deciding for the bedding needs of your kids in the tight space of their shared room twin over full bunk beds are what you need. Many a time’s kids share their rooms either due to space constraints or because many families believe in a fast growing busy world of today, this is the time to stay together and collect memories that will be cherished later on.

Twin_Over_Full_Bunk_Beds A twin over full bunk bed however should not be mistaken for a normal bunk bed that is normally used in children’s bedroom.  A normal bunk bed is simply two single beds of the exact same size that are placed on top of the other so that a double storey bed is formed. Its main purpose is to utilize the space of one bed to accommodate two kids. The space thus saved could be utilized for some other thing such as a study table or a cupboard or perhaps a play area where toys can be kept.

A twin over full bunk bed, the lower bed is of full size which can easily accommodate 2 people; however the upper bed is of twin size. A twin size is shorter in width as compared to the full size bed thus is kind of a bunk bed easily accommodates three persons. Because of the width difference of the upper and lower bed, the ladder that joins the two beds is made in a slanting manner.

A slanting ladder is safer to climb as compared to a straight one, especially for young kids. Another benefit of this type of bunk bed that holds three persons is that it is ideal for accommodating guests in the guest room. People who are visited regularly by visitors can opt for this kind of bed; one advantage is of course to accommodate more people in less space. Another one is that family with a single child can easily sleep enjoying the company of each other and the child will not be alone in a new place. The parents will also be at ease if their child wakes up at night and the child feels safer to know his parents are near him.


There is a wide variety of twin over full bunk beds available in the market. It is available in wooden and metal designs at different prices that start from $500 and above. A wide range of colors are also available and you can opt for a bedroom decorating theme that either matches or contrasts with the interior design of the room, so that the bed completely fits in and be in complete harmony with the rooms furniture.