As many homes prefer them to the standard ones, walk-in shower designs are becoming increasingly popular. Aside from providing you with the privacy you need, they also give your bathroom a different kind of beauty and feel.

You can consider this bathroom design if you are remodeling your bathroom. There are many options that you can choose from if a walk-in shower is what you have in mind. There are also many things that you should consider or give attention to before you begin any form of construction. There are so many cool designs, different functions and different features that are available. To fit your individual needs, you should customize it to maximize the appeal of your shower.

Walk In Shower Designs

glass walk in shower Glass walk-in shower unit

As mentioned earlier, a walk-in shower has numerous styles and designs to select from. The wonderful thing is that it allows you to add more style with regard to the enclosure that can be used because it eliminates the need for a shower curtain.

In fact, the key on how the overall design will appear is the enclosure of the walk-in shower. One option that many people prefer is shower doors that are frameless and have smooth and sleek designs. Using these allows the inner design of the shower to be showcased while at the same time allowing the unit to seamlessly fit into the remainder of the room.


Two (2) of the most popular designs for tiles that can be used for your bathroom are the granite and ceramic tiles. If you prefer a more contemporary look, then go for the granite style tiles. To add elegance, your bathroom walls should be tiled as this will be an instant wow factor because your shower section will be covered with glass and therefore one can see through it.

Corner walk in shower design idea

Take your budget into account if you want to have delicate designs in your bathroom because these can be quite expensive. A bathtub will also be included in the enclosure for the walk-in shower designs.

Doorless Walk-In Shower Design

If you want to have maximum space at all times, then go for a doorless shower. This option is handy when your bathroom space is an issue. Having this is tantamount to having it clean and simple without having too much in the shower area, so this is excellent or perfect for people who prefer minimalism.

doorless-walkin-shower Doorless walk-in shower

An added bonus for having a doorless shower is that the space will be easier to clean and maintain as you will be freer to move around.

Walk-in bathrooms are common in five-star hotels and luxurious homes. You can have elegance by using this design even if your bathroom happens to be small.

Walk-in showers without doors

The Zen and Spa Themes

This design will unfortunately empty your bank, telling from the name itself. There are many shower heads for this walk-in shower design which cause a feeling of relaxation similar to what you experience in a commercial spa. The colors associated with this style are whites, pastels, and cream.

spa theme walk-in shower Spa themed walk-in shower

These colors represent crispness and cleanliness. Adding scented candles as a finishing touch as well as other decorative items will go a long way.

Rustic Theme

If you happen to have a small budget, then this style is recommended as it is not expensive. The reason for this is that this style is very cheap and cost effective.
It calls for the use of natural colors. The shower enclosure is usually made of Beachwood. To give a vibe of rustic feelings, plain colors are your best bet.

rustic doorless walk in showers Rustic doorless walk in showers

A sauna room is what this design is hoping to imitate. The finished product can still look fabulous even if it cost you little to achieve this rustic design.

Following are some things to consider when adding a walk-in shower:

1. Location – The location of the shower with respect to the bathroom’s proportion. This is relevant in so far as utilizing your space in a manner that is workable and in maximizing function.

gorgeous walkin bath Gorgeous walk-in bath

2. Size – Accessibility as well as comfort depends on the size of your walk-in shower. You would want to have just the right amount of space for it to give ease in cleaning, while at the same time giving you ample space to move while you are taking a bath.

3. Angle – A small slope is needed on the floor so that that water will flow down to the drainage and not cause flooding. If the floor is angled correctly, this will be achieved and you won’t have unwanted water flowing in unwanted places.

walkin shower bathtub Walk-in shower with bathtub

4. Style and Features – You might want to ask yourself if you prefer a shower with many heads in order for you to have water from different angles. You might also want to have an experience similar to a steam room in a commercial spa. If this is the case, then you need to install a steam feature to enjoy this option. Ask yourself as well if you prefer to have a separate room only for showering purposes and separate from the bathroom altogether. In designing your walk-in shower, these will be the things that you should think about.