Owning outdoor furniture is an investment in your patio or outdoor area and this is something you should protect whatever style or money you have spent. You can get outdoor furniture covers in various styles and sizes and to fit a large number of different furniture. Most often you will now find that the makers of your patio furniture also make covers that are specifically designed to fit, good companies want you happy with your product. There are several advantages to have outdoor furniture covers which are looked at below, as well as what to look for in a good cover.

Finding the Best Covers

When you are exploring your options for outdoor furniture covers you want to try and get something that has been sewn with at least a 12 gauge polyester that has also been backed with vinyl that is waterproofed. This means you have covers that are of good quality that can handle temperatures that drop as low as 20 degrees Fahrenheit and can also handle other weather like sun, rain and so on. Quality also means ensuring there is some form of venting. Using just cheap plastic covers can lead to damp and warm conditions beneath it, which in turn leads to mildew and mold problems. Vents will ensure there is adequate circulation of air.


Outdoor furniture covers

It is more than just the weather that your furniture will need protection from, though that is a large factor. Other problems if you do not get properly secured outdoor furniture covers can occur. During windy moments cheaper covers can blow everywhere and leave your furniture unprotected, or can drag the furniture around. Invest in proper protection by looking at how the covers are meant to fasten to avoid later issues, or make sure the covers fit snugly.

macys outdoor furniture covers

How the protective gear fastens depends on your preference. Some can be snapped together, some zips, some come with ties that attach to the arms and legs. The latter option is one of the better ones even though you might be avoiding it because it seems fiddlier. While it might take slightly more time to tie and untie these outdoor furniture covers, they last longer. Zippers can break or rust over time as can snaps and then you have covers that are not secure around the furniture.

Another thing to consider is buying proper storage for your covers when they are not in use. When guests come over you can take off the covers revealing furniture undamaged with no fading, you do not have to fuss with cleaning down chairs before anyone can sit down, and you can just fold and store them in a storage unit out of the way. When it is winter and the furniture is permanently covered and stored away that extra storage unit can then be used for cushions.

A great example of this can be found at Restoration Hardware, where you can get a pack that stores 12 dining chair cushions or five bench cushions. There are three colors you can choose from, mocha, linen and grass, which fits in with many styles of patio. They also offer cleaners specially formulated for outdoor furniture care. As well as giving your wicker, wood or metal a clean and shine it adds a coat of protection to your furniture too.