A great way to update your bedroom either as part of a complete renovation or just some redesigning is to change your bedroom window treatments. Altering how the windows appear will make a great impact as you walk into the room and you can achieve it without having to re-paint the walls or get new flooring. There are a large range of bedroom window treatment options to consider. Depending on your style and preference you have blinds, drapes, shades, shutters and curtains to look at. Keep in mind that changing your bedroom window treatments is not quite the same as changing the living room ones. There you have to think about your furniture, its texture and style. But in your bedroom you need to think about your bed, its style, the headboard and the linens you use on it.

Bedroom Window Treatment Ideas

bedroom-window-treatment-ideas Magnificent window treatment idea for the master bedroom

There are a lot of styles, types and combinations of window treatments to think about but make sure you also look at the fabrics themselves, the type and color. First of all get your bed linens decided on as you can then plan other details including the window treatments around it. You want your treatments to compliment the design of the bed and the bed linens. In a bedroom you do not want to create too much contrast, you want something that creates a place you can relax in at the end of the day.


Getting the right look involves some planning. If your windows are small you need to avoid prints that are big or horizontal. You also want to avoid dark colors as this will make the room seem smaller. Use pastel colors or light colors if you want to create the feeling that the room is larger than it is. If you have windows that are narrow you can tie back the curtains or panels. This makes the window itself look wider. By using lines and colors with thought and care you can make any bedroom window look great.

sea-view-window-curtain Window with sea view – The right curtain

Types Of Window Treatments

One of the most commonly used bedroom window treatments are shades because they make the bedroom feel in order and clean looking. There are a variety of shade types to choose from, Roman or Venetian for examples which are roller type shades. Because these are easy to take care of and clean many choose this option over drapes or curtains. If you too prefer shades and your room gets plenty of natural light get ones with dark linings so that they block out the sunlight more effectively. More window valance ideas are available here: http://www.stonehand.com/window-valance-ideas-2.html

roman-blinds Roman blinds with natural color

Help In Designing

If you need some help planning there is software that can help you. Plan3D helps you look at the designs you are thinking about so you get to see what the room might look like with each option. That way you can make changes virtually to get it right, rather than having to undo something in your bedroom if you make an error of judgement. You can use this software for wall planning and flooring too. You can even map out your furniture in it so you can see what placements will look good and create more space.

During the planning stage you can also collect swatches and material samples from all of the different shades, drapes or curtains you are looking at. That way you can hold them to your bed linens to see which are most complementary before you make a final commitment. If you are also looking for new bed linens you can carry those small samples with you to guide your final purchase. When choosing color you can take the safer route and keep the bedroom window treatments neutral or you can get a little more creative. Get yourself a color wheel from a DIY store for example and choose a color you like and then use one of the colors close to it for complementary colors. Or choose a color and then use the color opposite it for more contrast. But keep in mind what your bedding colors are.

ikea-roller-blinds Roller blinds from IKEA


As you plan make sure you stay on budget with your top choices and be practical. Make sure you are maximizing the space in your bedroom and that the window treatments are properly functional. There is no point in choosing something that looks good but you cannot open it, or they let in too much light and so on. Updating your bedroom window treatments is a great way to spruce up your bedroom if you do it right!