Any home considers the window to be the most crucial part. It is vital for your home to have windows that have the right or correct shape and design. You may want to use a valance if you are planning to design a curtain for your windows. Do you have any ideas for window valances?

The top of your window curtain is typically considered as the valance. Naturally, it is essential for your valances to blend with your house interiors.

Window Valance Design Ideas

window valance stripes Striped Window Valance

Your imagination is the only limit to the various creative and different influences that can be applied to window valances. To get your creativity going, there are five (5) ideas below that you may want to consider:

1. Utilize a bright curtain panel made of voile fabric

Utilize voile fabric in a bright hue for the curtain panel and place it over a plain window blind that has a color that coordinates easily with other colors. If you prefer to use beading or sequins, then a decorative edging must first be made on the fabric. When this is done, the voile fabric must then be looped over the drapery rod then fitted well until the end result is to your satisfaction. Use stitches and pins so slippage can be avoided, hence making sure the drapery is securely held in place.

voile valance design Voile layered ascot window valance

2. For a baby’s room, use Broderie Anglaise

Use a cotton material in pure white with lots of embroidery and cut-outs, otherwise known as broderie anglaise. This is a perfect fabric for creating roller blinds or roman shades. To come up with a neat window topper, also make an ascot type valance to match. A simple geometric effect is achieved by ascot valances by utilizing triangular shapes. This effect will provide the window frame with an interesting and special edge, while the numerous designs for the nursery specifically those in pastel hues, goes well with pure white.

broderie anglaise window valance Broderie anglaise window valance

3. For your kitchen window, add a Gingham Swag

Typically casual, that is to say informal in a general sense, is how kitchen windows can be described. Swags on the one hand, are usually utilized in formal designs. But a simple gingham swag can be a great accessory for a country-styled kitchen. Just use a color hue for your gingham swag that matches the kitchen’s overall color scheme. Curtains done in basic café-style or even a plain one can benefit greatly from this type of window valance idea. This also works well with a bare window.

gingham swag valance kitchen window Beautiful Gingham swag valance used in kitchen window

4. Tab Top Valance

A tab top valance can be added to a basic curtain rod that looks basic yet decorative and has fabulous finials. This window valance idea will look beautiful for a room with a contemporary design. A fabric in an opposite or contrasting color may be added to the edge and then buttoned to the valance top using buttons that have been covered with the exact cloth as the one used for the edging. Doing this will give the end product additional emphasis. Basic blinds or curtains can be matched with this window valance.

simple tab top valance Simple tab top valance

tab top valance Tab top valance

5. Using stripes for contrast

You might want to use a cloth with stripes for your curtains. If the stripes are vertical along the curtain length, make an additional purchase of the same cloth to make a valance. In creating the valance, use the cloth in such a way that the stripes will be horizontal as opposed to the vertical direction of the curtains. For a great, crisp appearance, a pelmet or cornice board should hold the properly fixed cloth with the stripes arranged horizontally.

horizontal stripe valance Valance with horizontal stripes

It is expensive to buy and design valances, although they certainly look very pretty. There are guidelines below that may be handy when you are trying to find inexpensive tips for window valances.

There is definitely a less expensive way than getting the services of a professional interior decorator.

Keep it basic

Keeping it basic is the best option for keeping the cost down on your window valance. Intricate effects and styles are not necessary or needed to make your valance work for you.

Black white square valance

When creating your window valance, there is no danger in utilizing a basic material. Your room can still appear beautiful and lively even with a valance that looks basic.

Realistically, the end result may not be as fabulous but might be worth it if it causes you to maintain some hard-earned savings.

The major objective is for you to acquire a valance for your window which can easily be done by sticking to a basic style. Why not consider this option if it will allow you to have the lowest cost?  There is no excuse for you to be dissatisfied so long as the objective of having a good one is met, right?

Shop online

Online sources are bound to give discounts, so do your shopping via the internet. It offers big deals and discounts.

Flower valance

You should grab perfect deals which new or fresh online sources offer as they have a tendency to engage in it for the purpose of attracting business and becoming known. They likewise post announcements about special offers on a daily basis.

A working computer system accompanied with a reliable internet connection are all that you need to engage in online buying. This most certainly is a very basic thing to do so begin now!

Trim your valance

Should you find your valance not to your liking or much too basic for your taste, don’t fret. You have the option to add trimmings using your creativity and skill. Simply add trimmings that are in contrast to it if you think it looks too basic.

Shorter valance

In the same manner, you have the option to create trimmings made of a basic design. To gain inspiration and tips, just turn to the internet for a multitude of these.

Use something else other than curtains

Roman shades are the alternative to choose if you think the curtains and valances are costly for your budget.

They are low in terms of cost but still come in beautiful designs. You still need a valance to top them, but it is the perfect window treatment for when your budget is tight as it costs very little.

Making your own valance

If you have the know how on utilizing a sewing machine, you might want to make your own window valance for the least cost. Just give it a try!

DIY-window-valance Beautiful DIY Valance

It is not an impossible task to create your own window valance using your own hands. You can follow the numerous do-it-yourself valances which abound in the internet and can be done even by amateurs. All that’s needed is a gentle push to get you started with this task. Try it!

The internet provides much information with regard to low-cost ideas for window valances. You will encounter different forums and blogs about it and all you have to do is examine as many as you possibly can.

White simple valance

Doing so will help you acquire a bigger picture about engaging in the task of creating your own window valance by allowing you to compare prices and giving you other pertinent and updated information on inexpensive ideas.

So go ahead and use the window valance ideas mentioned above to your best advantage!