Home Bar Designs

A house is a structure composed of different areas with each serving a particular use. It is broken down into several rooms like the living room, dining room, kitchen, the bedroom, and of course the bathroom. A basic small house may only have one of each of these rooms mentioned, while a bigger house may have more than one of each of the kinds of rooms mentioned above.

In addition to the basic rooms however, some people may occasionally need an additional kind of room, area, or corner for a specific purpose. For example, a homeowner may want a bar for the entertainment of guests or visitors, or for simply storing wines, liquor, and preparing and mixing drinks.


A bar is an area where you can enjoy your favorite drinks with friends while comfortably seated and unwinding. It is a structure usually located in a corner of the living room. It is comprised of a counter that also comes with high stools situated in front of it as well as an open cabinet behind it where wines, liquors and the like together with glasses or goblets are stored.

Nowadays, there are just so many choices of designs for home bars that are available. You can complement the theme of your interiors by selecting from among a wide variety of materials. One style is of polished wood, but there is also the painted variety which has become very popular currently and is mostly used by businesses such as sports bars and restos.

Modern_home_bar Because the stools that accompany a bar ensemble are high, it would normally be uncomfortable for the one seated or occupying these stools were it not for the foot railing that is a welcome feature for most bar sets. Without these foot railings, your feet and legs would be left hanging for the duration of the time that you are seated. This could be painful where it not for support offered by such foot railings where you can thankfully set your feet on while having a good time with friends at the bar.

The good thing about this foot railing is that it is a separate attachment which you can add to an existing bar at home. It can add beauty to your already functional bar. To top it all, you have quite a variety of materials to select from such as stainless steel, brass, aluminum, or wood to match your existing bar piece and home interior.

You don’t have to have a big space allotment for your bar at home. If the available space is quite small for a formal bar, you have the option to set up an open portable bar.

A portable or movable bar gives you the flexibility to situate it wherever it can be accommodated. You can use it as an outdoor bar by moving it out to your patio, or use it for an indoor party depending on your mood.

Usually a table type, movable bars at times have a front part that is raised and the sides are foldable so when the party is over, you can simply pack it off to a small corner of your home. Just fold the sides and you will see it diminish in size. It is fabulous for small homes because it uses only a very little amount of area.


The beauty about this bar type is that you can have it customized to suit your need and taste. There are models of movable bars that have attractively useful features. Some have a drawer to hold the glasses and a cabinet to keep the bottles of drinks. The foot railings that can be as small as a mere one (1) foot are cute and these are available no matter how small or compact your movable bar is. To keep this bar type steady while drinks are being prepared, rubber casters are also included.

Remember regardless of the size of your home, you always have options for the right or perfect bar for your specific need.

4 Types of Home Bar Design

There are primarily two (2) alternatives in setting up a home bar. One is creating the design yourself and then building it in your home. The other is having it customized by a professional or a retail store wherein it also comes as a set that includes a table and bar stools. The latter is available in four (4) types.

The most popular bar designs are the following:

1)  Straight type bar

For this particular type of bar design, the bottles and glasses are usually stored underneath the counter table. Three (3) bar stools are the normal minimum to make it appear complete. It is often situated or set-up at the far end of a room where its length is equal to the width of the room.


2)  Back bar

This bar design imitates the storage feature of a bookshelf. It is divided into three (3) different sections. The first one is similar to that of a straight bar where there is also a storage provision below. The midsection is usually open. While the third section is a display provision located above the counter where drinks and bottles can be placed, usually with shutters made of either glass or wood.


3)  L type wet bar

This bar design is self-explanatory. It has a shape resembling that of a letter L. There is usually a sink built-in for washing that is located in the shorter side of the L-shape.

4)  Corner bar

This bar design is in reality just a tiny cabinet basically for the mere storage of drinks. This is an option where available space is almost lacking. This type has to maximize the storage feature thereby utilizing both top and bottom sections.


Selecting a bar type is not enough in achieving a beautiful bar ensemble or set. There are numerous design elements to consider such as lighting, color combinations or themes, and finishes. All of these together contribute to the total look and feel of your bar that helps to create the right mood. There are homeowners who wish to have a small refrigerator in their home bar. If this is the case, there has to be a provision for electricity to power it up. This consideration must be attended to during the planning phase.

Regardless of what bar design you prefer, it is important to plan well before setting up your home bar. Doing so will give you the best results.